hugeasstrek2We are proud to share that Chris Rechtsteiner, a great friend and ambassador for our shop, came in first place at the Hugh Jass Fat Bike Series #8 @ Trek HQ in Waterloo, WI.

The 1.2 mile course, covered in snow, is ridden for 6 laps. With roughly 80 feet of climbing per lap, the course is based upon the Trek CXC course from this past summer, which will now be part of a World Cup CX event this coming September.

From Chris:

Whenever I’m toeing the line at an event, it is important for me to get set early and take a minute or two to get my head straight. This is a simple exercise where I remind myself of the effort I put in to get there, the people who have helped me and supported my efforts and to have fun. It’s difficult for me to ride, anytime, without recognizing the support of my wife and my sons who are patient and completely understanding in my need to get out and ride with alarming frequency.

For this particular event, it was extremely important for me to take the time and be thankful for the support from the Cycling Republic team, and especially Zane. I woke up Saturday morning with a flat rear tire and a 90 minute drive to the event staring me in the face. Definitely not a calm morning. Thankfully, I was able to connect with Zane and he raced to the shop to help me get the problem solved. As I left the shop, I told Zane that the pressure was really on. I got him up and to the shop early for some help and now, “I had to podium.”


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