On Sunday, September 9th the 2018 Chicago Cross Cup season officially kicks off with the Hopkins Park CX in DeKalb, IL. Mother nature is more than ready (probably more ready than we are) as the temperatures begin to drop and the rain continues to fall and fall and fall and fall…

To commemorate this momentous occasion we decided to chat with a few members of the Cycling Republic Cyclocross Racing Team about the upcoming season.

We asked our panel of CX racers the three most pressing questions everyone wants to know that aren’t, What pressure are you running?

On a scale of “Yikes” to “Let’s Race” where are you?

  • Chris Rechtsteiner: One click below Let’s Race. This is year two racing CX for me. Naturally, I have unrealistic expectations that will be squashed week 1 at Hopkins Park with a new Cat-3 rating. Definitely excited to toe the line for Masters and 1/2/3 races this year and learn as much as I can as quickly as I can.
  • Nolan Magsamen: Let’s Race
  • David Corey: Yikes!
  • Dave Towner: Let’s race!  I’m mentally ready, not so sure about physically, though.
  • David Pohlmeier: Looking forward to suffering…I mean having fun again this season.

What race / venue are you most looking forward to?

  • Chris Rechtsteiner: I’m going off script here because I’m looking most forward to the Trek CX Cup again. How many chances do you get to race on a world cup course Carpentersville is basically home court advantage, though, so I’m looking most forward to the CCC race there again this year.
  • Nolan Magsamen: Pheasant Run. Hopefully it rains again.
  • David Corey: Carpentersville because it’s local.
  • Dave Towner: Campton is probably my favorite. I don’t historically do well there, but it was my first bike race ever, so it’s special.
  • David Pohlmeier: I look forward to the Carpentersville Sasquatch Squadron Race. It’s local, I appreciate the hard work of our friends on the MSB team, it’s a sweet venue, and I like a good big foot sighting from time to time.

…and finally, Pick your conditions: mud or dry & dusty?

  • Chris Rechtsteiner: Contrary to popular belief, there are people who like racing CX in non-muddy conditions. While I don’t mind the mud (Pheasant Run I’m smiling in your direction), I would prefer somewhere in the middle. Maybe a mud section on the course?
  • Nolan Magsamen: Muddy muddy muddy
  • David Corey: Muddy and raining during the race but with limited running is ideal for me.
  • Dave Towner: Bring on the mud!
  • David Pohlmeier: 60 degrees. No humidity. Sunny. Perfect.

While four of our team members are ready for what appears to be a muddy opener to the 2018 Chicago Cross Cup season this weekend, at least David Pohlmeier will have weather in the 60s if the forecast holds up.

The Cycling Republic Cyclocross Racing Team is a group of individuals who enjoy getting out on Sundays and riding around in circles in parks throughout the Chicagoland area. While (almost) everything you read about cross being difficult is true, it is also an incredible amount of fun.

If you are interested in learning more about cross, consider joining one of our Thursday morning CX training sessions. If you have any questions about cross, please ask them via our Facebook Group or send them privately if you’d prefer.

If you would like to try a race, by all means let us know and we’ll be happy to have a team member and/or shop ambassador meet you at the Chicago Cross Cup race you’re targeting. We’re more than happy to offer course insights, get your gear setup in our tent and provide support to get you up and riding or racing.

Best wishes to everyone racing the Chicago Cross Cup (and all CX series) this year.

Enjoy yourselves.

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